Recent research grants

Raimondo, T., Payne, J., Daczko, N. & Adam, J. The Deep Earth Melt Network: a new experimental approach to understanding magma transport and reactive ascent. UniSA New Adventures Fund (2018): $19,791.

Tyler, J., Hand, M., Bird, M., Lombi, E., Moffat, I., Moss, P., Clark, C., Davidson, G., Gell, P., Dutch, R., Gillanders, B., Tibby, J., Raimondo, T., Reepmeyer, C. & Fairbairn, A. Mass spectrometry for next generation isotope analysis of silicate minerals. ARC LIEF Project LE180100185 (2018): $464,531.

Putnis, A., Raimondo, T. & Daczko, N. Just add water: a recipe for the deformation of continental interiors. ARC Discovery Project DP160103449 (2016-2019): $319,500.

Payne, J., Hand, M., Tomkins, A., Raimondo, T., Lilly, R., Reid, A., Dutch, R., Faure, K. & Belperio, T. Source to spectrum: Finding deposits beyond the Fe oxide-Cu-Au envelope. ARC Linkage Project LP160100578 (2016-2019): $600,000.

Raimondo, T., Payne, J., Howlett, P., Pudney, P. & Rahman, M. Melting the ice: the impact of sub-glacial heat flow on the stability of the Antarctic ice sheet. UniSA Research Themes Investment Scheme (2016): $29,060.