Recent teaching grants

Raimondo, T., Payne, J., Tiddy, C. & Peters, S. Project LIVE-MM: Learning through Immersive Virtual Environments for Minerals and Mining. AusIMM Tomorrow's Professionals Program (2019-2020): $100,000.

Daczko, N., Raimondo, T., Payne, J., Milan, L., Saunders, E. & Clarke, G. Image Matrix – A revolutionary new way to learn microscopy. Macquarie University Learning and Teaching Strategic Priority Grants (2018): $80,857.

Wardell-Johnson, G., Raimondo, T., Parsons, S., Payne, J., Rawson, C., Robinson, T., Timms, N. Increasing effectiveness in whole‐of‐curriculum field-based work-integrated learning (WIL) of the natural environment for improved employability. Australian Technology Network Strategic Initiative Grants (2017): $30,000.

Roetman, P., Raimondo, T. & Kor, M. et al. Creating virtual environments for enhanced student learning and public engagement. UniSA Teaching and Learning Development Grant (2017): $19,878.

Kirytopoulos, K., Raimondo, T. & Weber, D. The Dynamic Workplace: Gamification and Immersive Virtual Reality in Project Management. European Commission Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Grant: $7,500.

Payne, J., Raimondo, T., Bruce, D., Yue, W.L., Corcoran, P., Keppel, G. & Anderson, S. Project STADIA (Skill-based Teaching through Airborne Digital Imagery Analysis). UniSA Digital Teaching Equipment and Resources Fund (2015): $38,000.

Sandhu, S., Edmonds, R., Sigala, M., Smith, S. and Raimondo, T. A location-based mobile learning framework. UniSA Teaching and Learning Development Grant (2015): $10,000.