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The course Industy Project 1 commenced in 2010 and is conducted in three study periods. The following is an outline of the projects conducted by students studying the Bachelor of Management. 



Projects for this year have just commenced - the table will be updated as the projects are finalised

Industry Type Project Type Abstract






Industry Type Project Type Abstract
Accounting Internship Development During my period of placement at the company I have worked extensively on developing the Fast Track Partnership Program which has been designed to completely restructure the organisation and help first year undergraduate students to accelerate their career path to become a partner in the company within a three year period. The student was also actively engaged in the analysis of profit and loss statements for clients where it was their job to highlight any inconsistencies with the rest of the industry. From there, the student had to make educated estimations on how the company could improve their business activities to increase profit and decrease expenses.
Education Marketing My project was focused on Work Integrated Learning opportunities and required extensive surveying on both past and potential host organisations. From the information gathered, the student created promotional material to effectively market the WIL opportunities.
Education Web Research I have created a prototype for a webpage to promote the WIL opportunities to both potential students and host organisations. In order to do this, extensive research was conducted both nationally and internationally to analyse how other business schools market their WIL opportunities. 
Retail Merchandising The student explored all of the activities that go into presenting the store to the customer and the way we entice them to want to buy their products, whether it is through visual merchandising and displays or through promotions and loyalty program incentives. The student was able to explore different stages of implementing these activities and compare the store experience to the head office experience by visiting the office in Sydney for 3 days. 
Retail Total Loss Management The project has been centralized around Total Loss, working with departments to reduce the amount of stock being lost through theft, over production and inaccruate reporting and focusing on driving sales. This project has tied in with the student's pre-existing role in the organisation.






Industry Type Project Type Abstract
Business Coaching Investigative research The purpose of the project is to find out how many communication channels or academic institutions that have recognised the work of Mr Michael E. Gerber and how many can help to promote the coaching service
Business Coahcing New Market Analysis Project included gathering, storing, processing, and analysing potential optometrist client markets, creating and documenting systems, conducting competitor research, and developing an discipline based marketing email for the company's new business venture
Business Coaching Website Development

Recreate the organisation's web design to incorporate a more holistic view on the services they offer, in addition to creating a user friendly web navigation design

Construction Checklist development The proposed project was to take a manual Site Inspection Checklist and build it into an Excel format for export into an iPad iAuditor App. 
Consulting Business Strategy Development Analysed the current systems, processes and procedures, interviewed previous, current and potential clients and provided a solid Business Strategy for the next 12 months. As part of this strategy, a strategic alliance has been developed to add diversification to the current services offered
Fitness Financial and Market Analysis MYOB development to include payroll and invoicing system for no program and market research on existing market
Fitness Multiple Small Projects Firstly, have a survey with public but main focus at local area. Second, need to interaction with the members of fitness centre. Third, delivery the leaflet to local area to advise of fitness centre services. Final, is need to be contacts with the small business do promotion for them.
Fitness SWOT Analysis Conduct a SWOT Analysis of a current fitness project within the aged community
Government Employee Motivation To conduct an objective academic analysis to identify if procedures are in place to encourage and stimulate employee motivation. To understand current skill and motivational trends, an attempt was made to capture subjective and objective information on six employees within one section; by performing a skills audit, motivational survey and subsequent follow-up questions. The aim was to discover if the organisation is successfully implementing procedures to a satisfactory standard. 
IT Services Website Development It became increasingly clear the organisation needed a central point for all staff to be able to locate and use documents which were required. The decision was made to create an Intranet site that was going to be easy to use and easy to be kept updated.
Manufacturing Delivery Analysis Detail the process adopted to investigate late shipments; Provide results of the investigative analysis, including the identification of impediments affecting the process; Recommend solutions to overcome challenges being experienced
Retail Demographic Analysis Conduct research on population demographic in order to determine appropriate areas to grow the company's dealer networks
Tourism International Development This project built on work that has been undertaken resulting from the Chinese Engagement and Investment Strategy
Transport Career Presentation The project is undertaken to anticipate the expected future workforce shortfall. A key deliverable of the project is to prepare an attractive presentation which will appeal to both primary and secondary school student demographics in order to increase the awareness of the industry and attract more young people into the workforce. The presentation provides an overview of the concept of logistics and supply chain management, and highlights the fascinating career opportunities in the industry.






Industry Type Project Type Abstract
Banking Shadowing and training A graduate training program, including mentorship, was undertaken by this student in a banking environment. Roles included customer service, training and development, digital signature scanning and use of the CRM system
Business Coaching Business Process Development Working in a small business coaching company the student developed flowcharts of business processes relating to major events, implemented new sequences in coaching program and researched the effects of data quality on broadcast emails
Business Coaching Database management This student investigated the effectiveness of the current database system within the organisation, undertook some reconstruction activities and identified future improvements for the system used by the organisation as their CRM system. As part of their project the student also attended training seminars run by the organisation
Consulting Project Management This student undertook five minor projects in this organisation. The projects were project planning, business process mapping, website development, database prototyping and event management. A diverse set of skills were used and developed by this student
Early Childhood Education Project Management A complex project considering the amalgamation of local child care centre and kindergarten operations that were colocated. Issues included constitutional amendments, name change, auditing processes, AGM requirements, budgetary requirements and incorporated entity requirements
Fitness Project management This student managed the physical location move for a local franchise fitness centre. Negotiation with existing and new leasors as well as arranging construction at the new site prior to the move was undertaken.
Government Change management In a government department the student investigated change management processes for the consolidation of services across different government departments, including the impact on corporate resources. Recommendations from this project included the implementation of an action registered, improved information storage and communication
Government Performance management This student developed a performance management process for support staff. The outcome was an approved and published PM system ready for implementation.
Local Government Database management This student worked to develop a database to record activities for young people in the council area. The project was delivered on time with limited resources available
Local Government Multiple projects First project was to edit and format a Training Needs analysis and second project was to develop a register of public roads
Not for Profit Sustainability This project analysed the sustainability of exercise classes offered to disability groups and recommended major areas for improvement
Publishing Online marketing This project considered a range of publications to be targetted for new online marketing and sales
Publishing Quality management An update of the quality management system was undertaken by this student which included alterations to the methods of reporting, creation of standardised documentation and updating of flowcharts. In addition this student integrated the organisation's website operations and commenced a process mapping task for a unit within the organisation that had recently undergone a change management process
Retail Recruitment and training This combined project consider three main areas of hiring and training of staff, ensuring quality of installation and dealing with leading electricity suppliers and rebates






Industry Type Project Type Abstract
Agribusiness Occupational Health & Safety An investigation of OHS procedures was conducted in a large private company. The primary focus of the investigation was to analyse maintenance procedures for first aid facilities in this multi-location Australia wide organisation. The outcomes of the project included the development of a corporate standard on first aid procedures and a series of recommendations to ensure first aid facilities and procedures were updated and complied with.
Banking Shadowing As an employee of the bank, this project allowed the student to look at a changed role by considering the processes and requirements for becoming a deposit specialist. The placement gave the student the opportunity to experience person to person banking issues and identify process issues with "cold calling" of customers.
Banking Shadowing Observation of Day-to-day tasks was undertaken with a focus on customer perception of service in a banking environment. Work was undertaken on customer satisfaction surveys and implementation of a digital signature system. 
Building Industry Project Management Investigated the efficiency of project management practices in an SME in the building industry. Data was examined from five different sources within the company and recommendations were made based on level of communication, mentoring of staff and project hand over.
Business Coaching Database Management This project gave the student the opportunity to work in a small business to expand on work previously undertaken by a student project and develop new flowchart procedures for the use of information from the client database
Defence Marketing Plan A marketing plan was developed for an educational institution focussing on postgraduate study
Fitness Strategic Plan A strategic plan was developed for a small Personal training studio to consider the business' place in the local community given new entrants into the fitness industry.
Government Change Management This project involved the implementation of a departmental restructure in a Government department, that had been delayed due to union and personnel issues. The student worked through previous change management problems and negotiated with unions to achieve a successful outcome. Staff forums were conducted on a regular basis and transition documents for change to job roles needed to be completed.
Government Change Management An analysis of the impact of organisational change in a government department was undertaken through observation and participation. Recommentations were made relating to communication, employee involvement, leadership and office politics. 
Health & Beauty Product Development This student worked in an Australia-wide health spa chain store and was involved from initial development, through testing and marketing of a new product to be sold and used in the salons. This involved work in both Adelaide and Melbourne to view different aspects of the product development cycle. The student conducted the testing phase of the cycle, collating and reporting on the feedback from test subjects. 
Local Government Customer Relationship Management Customer relationship management was investigated in a district council. Communication with ratepayers, IT systems and data collection was reviewed. Recommendations were made relating to rate payers, council functions and orgnisational culture.
Local Government Marketing Plan A marketing plan was developed for a rural council in south-east South Australia. This was particularly aimed at tourism activities in the area. Recommendations were made to incorporate package deals, including adventure packages of 1/2, 1, 2 or 3 day duration. Links between websites and social media were also investigated.
Local Government Asset Management An investigation was undertaken at a local council to determine current asset management practices and recommend new procedures and systems to ensure compliance with existing and new policies in this area
Manufacturing Inventory Management The student analysed and implemented a Kanban system to aid just-in-time production and lean manufacturing processes for a small manufacturing company





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