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Dr Stuart Dinmore is a Senior Lecturer with the University of South Australia’s Teaching Innovation Unit (TIU). Stuart works in academic development with a particular focus on technology enhanced and blended learning. This involves support for academic staff in the implementation of online learning environments and the design and effective use of the new generation of collaborative and flexible learning spaces.  Other areas of work involve the provision of all professional development opportunities for teaching staff and the creation of multimedia content for learning. Stuart also has a strong interest in the area widening participation and inclusion. He is interested in the use of digital technology and its potential to remove barriers to learning for all students.

  • First name: Stuart
  • Last name: Dinmore
  • Email address:
  • Town: Adelaide
  • Country: Australia
  • Business phone: (08) 8302 7045
  • Occupation: Senior Lecturer: Academic Development
  • Industry: Higher Education

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